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Terms & Conditions

1.By registration on our website, you are appointing Tax Code Accounting as your Agent to deal, lodge various documents and statutory forms on behalf of you with respective government authorities i.e. Australian Taxation Office, Australian Securities & Investments Commission, Australian Business Register etc.

2.While we are referring to our website it means specifically to only include “”

3.These terms will be integral part of engagement of our services. We will act and rely based on the information you provided to Though the fields in the respective forms on our website post registration may not be exhaustive to capture all the details, our accountant will interview you over phone or may seek further information over e-mail or phone if it is required to complete task under engagement. However it is your obligation to provide us all the necessary information to enable Tax Code Accounting to perform task on engagement.

4.We are specifically mentioning here that we are not making any audit or giving any assurance and our work does not include any procedures to discover defalcations or other irregularities.

5.We have taken base of the information you provided in respective forms, during client interview and/or the interview checklist to complete the assignment under the engagement.

6.Once you are registered on our website and we start working on the engagement, you will be liable to pay our fees for time we spent on the engagement if you decides later to discontinue. Otherwise our fees for the services will be according to “Fee Policy” detailed on our website.

7.If you choose to pay for our fees out of your refund and for any reason your refund is applied by Australian Taxation Office to any other debts or not eligible to get refund and your refund is not enough to deduct our fees, you will still be liable to pay for our fees. And in such situation you are required to pay our fees within 14 days of such event. On failing to pay our fees on time will attach additional interest at the General Interest Rate published on Australian Taxation Office from time to time. Not paying our fees in full or interest accrued on it will force us to pass on the details to debt recovery agencies for subsequent action for the recovery of the same.

8.Tax Code Accounting is not liable to you or any third party for any loss, damage or compensation you may suffer direct or indirect arising out of this engagement. It is your duty to verify all details you provided to us before submission.

9.The content of this website including logo, text, information, materials, graphics, software, forms, frames or content are property of Tax Code Accounting and you must not modify, copy, reproduce, republish, upload or transmit and distribute without permission of Tax Code Accounting.

10.and penalties will be recovered from you. This includes deliberate attempt to overload website in relation to traffic and database.

11.We may offer any rewards and to be eligible for such rewards you are agreeing to separate conditions drafted for such rewards. As far as our referral scheme is concern, you are eligible to get cash $50, if you are an existing client and your referrals are new to us and are filing tax return using our services. It is your duty to make it sure that your referrals include your name while they opt for our services. You can refer 5 clients any time and not just in one year. Your balance of referral will be continue in the next year untill en-cashed.

 12.We are providing tax estimates only while you use our services for Taxation purposes and any variation can happen to the estimate based on the additional information available to respective government authorities. As far as creation & registration of company is concern, even if you have paid for the services, company will be registered only upon availability of the name with ASIC register.

13.Once you submit your data/form, you will not be able to change details in the forms, however you will be able to change your personal contact details by login in and using “my account” button. However we are not giving any guarantee about such change will take place immediately and you are requested to reconfirm by calling us or using contact us form. We may store your data in our website database for couple of years and you may be able to access those by login in. However we may delete those details anytime. And in case where we are deleting your details, you can contact us to recall your details.

 14.Any information on our website is driven by a separate “Disclaimer” clause. And any link on our website is just a reference material and is not an integral part of our website.

 15.Online Privacy Policy is an integral part of Tax Code Accounting “Terms & Conditions”. And this document is separately available to read on our website. Any disclosed or shared information on our web site will be driven by our “Online Privacy Policy”.

 16.Paying for our fee out of your refund will incur additional cost for the administration of your refund and driven by our “Fee Policy”.

17.We may change “Terms & Conditions” from time to time and you will be responsible to sign and agree “Terms & Conditions” on the date of registration.