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Fee Policy

Online Fee Policy

  1. You can claim our entire fee as deductible expense. Our fee starts from $89 for basic tax return preparation. Fee generally based on the value addition and in some cases based upon the time we spend. Our hourly rate is $200 per hour for tax and consultation services. You may ask our accountant for a detail fee structure. All our advises are on chargeable basis only and for any reason if you decide not to go for lodgement, you are still liable to pay for advise and time we spent on you. Please refer our detail schedule of fee. Or talk to our accountant for the same.
  2. Basic Tax Return = 3 PAYG Group Certificate and no other income, deduction or any other rebates.
  3. We are small operator and hence not loading GST on our services.
  4.  Schedule of fee may not be updated as on you viewing website as website is not frequently updated. Schedule is indicative only, please call our office or speak to our accountant to know current charges.

Tax Return

Tax Code Accounting is providing professional services for most reasonable fee structure. While we always ask you to pay for our services before lodgment, you may choose to pay fee out of your tax refunds. You have to opt for our lodgement services. Further paying out of refund attracts few extra dollars to cover admin cost.

Further it may happen where you proceed for our services and do not wish to lodge your tax return, however in such a case, you will have to pay our Basic Tax Return fee of $89 for the services we render to get you tax estimate.


Our Online Tax Return Fee




ABN is not registered for GST.




Individual Tax Return Preparation (Basic Tax Return Preparation Fee) $89.00
Add on fee schedule:
Group Summary more than 3 $ 5.00
Expenses Claim up to 5 expense invoices $ 25.00
Expenses Claim more than 5 expense invoices $ 50.00
Rental Property Schedule (per property) $ 100.00
Capital Gains – Per Hour $ 200.00
Business Tax Return / PSI – Per Hour $ 110.00
Offsets – per offset (except Zone Offset) $ 25.00
Fee out of refund admin cost Not offered








  1. For Amendment, Early Assessment, Non-lodgment advice, Employment Termination Payments, Superannuation Lump Sum schedule, Foreign income, Company Tax Return, Installment Activity Statement, Business Activity Statements, ABN Application, Medicare levy exemption, Medicare levy exemption certificate, Superannuation withdrawal, Depreciation working, Travel Expenses, Payment summaries for ESS, Lodging previous year tax returns, more than 3 entries into dividend,interest etc…a separate fee schedule is applicable. Please contact us.
  2. Actual amount of surcharge charged by respective merchant is payable if it is paid from credit card, debit card or using PayPal services.
  3. Any document to be lodged to ATO or ASIC, will attract additional fee of $89 lodgement fee. Lodgement fee for individual tax return will be $25 effective from 1-Jul-2023




ASIC Services




While you use our company set up form, you will have to pay us required fee in advance and while you will be providing receipt of the transaction for transfer of our fees, we will proceed for lodgement of necessary documents to ASIC. However once you submit form, you will be binding yourself to pay for the fees.








Bookkeeping Services & Assurance Services




We do start from $1200+GST pa for bookkeeping and financials. Please don’t forget to discuss your business details with our professional accountant. For practicing accountants SMSF Audit for a fixed price of $400* (please inquire). *conditions apply.