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Privacy Policy

Tax Code Accounting is making you assure about protecting your privacy for details you shared with us using our website. While you visit our website we are committed to provide you a protected environment for all your confidential information you are sharing with us. You may note that we have only one domain in the name of “” and this online privacy policy applies only in reference to this domain.

Our aim to set this online privacy policy is to let you know upfront about what information we may ask while you get registered with us and how we are going to handle these information.

Any information during registration or post registration will be kept secured and will be used only for the purpose of functionality of the task assigned to us or for any other purposes for which we have obtained your consent specifically.

We are going to ask you about your personal details like name, address, phone number, e-mail address, date of birth, gender, tax file number, australian business number, city and country of birth, if any other names used or known as, marital status, if any kids, details about your spouse i.e. her full-name, date of birth, gender and if any income and residential status. Further we may ask you about your income and claims to be made on your tax return, details about your occupation and employment, residential status.

We have restrcition to view password from Admin area. So in any case where you have lost your password, please follow the procedure explained to recover your password. Please further note that our office will never ask you about your password or we are never sending any e-mail asking your password and hence please don’t release your password to anyone including any one representing or falsly representing our office.

You will be completely responsible for any such details you provided to us. We will consider that you have right to share information about you or about your spouse or any dependent/k and we are not accepting any liability for any such breach of right. You will be solely responsible for any information for which you are not rightful to share with us.

We may required to share these information you shared with us with few of the government agencies like ATO, ASIC, Police Department and any other government agencies where it is essential to share for correct functionality of the task you have assigned to us. However this not going to restrict us to share while we are bound to disclose these information under any Act of law to support any legal proceedings.

We are never asking about credit card details to be stored in our website database. However while you choose to make payment using PayPal gateway, you will be redirected to PayPal payment gateway whereby you using your own account details to pay our fees. We are not collecting any details you are entering on PayPal payment gateway. However when you choose to pay out of refund we may ask you to provide your bank account details to pay you subsequently your balance of refund directly to your account. However you may choose to collect your refund in the form of a cheque issued by Tax Code Accounting.

While you trying to contact us using our “Contact Us” page form, the details will come to us in the form of e-mail and we are not storing those details in our website database. We are keeping records of e-mail just for the purpose of any future references and compliances.

We are not selling any of your personal information for third party marketing or advertisements.

While you are registering with Tax Code Accounting using our website, you are further have option to correct your details. We may keep your details for your access for couple of years after that we may remove your details from our database. However if you wanted to correct or update your personal details or contact details, you can contact our office and request the same either calling us or using “contact us” page form on our website.

However if you have any complain about our online privacy policy for our website, you are requested to contact us first to address the issue. While we are accepting no liability for any links attached or content of the services, we may help you investigate about the complain.

Changes to Tax Code Accounting website related online privacy policy is the property of the Tax Code Accounting and we reserve the right to change from time to time.

Before accepting or submitting any details we may ask you to read and agree to our online privacy policy. This will be a mandatory step for all registrations except details provided under “Contact Us” page of the website.