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About Us

We are committed to business services so as to make them growing.Tax Code Accounting is a registered tax agent and registered MIPA agent. Mr Jayraj, CPA, experienced Certified Practicing Accountant is founder of the Tax Code Accounting with a vision to making tax and accounting easy and efficient. He has got experience while working for many different industries and having vast experience working with practicing accountants.

What we do?

Our primary goal is to support the business. We believe to deliver efficient services so as to help business achieve its goal. It has remained always our focus not only to provide timely business results but to keep the business on track as far as government compliance and better financials are concern.

Our work

We always looking for detail, always referring tax and accounting updates, making lots of research and ultimately bringing business better options, solid solutions, delivering better picture of financials by digging information from clients. We always concentrate on analysis part and our observations bring many things forward to give lots of input to the business.

How we work

We are always looking for detail. However it does not mean that we are spending more time and making more money. Our approach is to make the things easy still effective. We always believe to bring our cost down so as to make it cost effective. And hence we learn from the experience. We have got many industry specific standard formats. These formats are easy to understand and to be followed by our clients. These are further helping us to deliver our services in cost effective way and giving client opportunity to review business performance at regular interval even without prepared financials.

Our Value to Clients

We always have a point of view that we can grow only with the growth of our clients. And hence we are always concern about our clients’ business health checks. We prefer to have half yearly and yearly meetings to discuss about the business performance. We have experienced that referrals do work for us. We are professional but not discouraging friendly environment. While all the days are not same, we are there to listen business problems and to further find out ways for improvement. We do negotiate with taxation office for ill-health of the business and try to bring ease to regain confidence.