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1.Is my details secured on this website?

– Yes, our site has SSL certificate and we are not sharing your details anyone other then you unless you have duly authorized some on behalf of yourself.

2.How much time it will take to finish my tax return?

– Generally we are been able to finish tax return within 20 minutes time, but we also take care that this should not be at your disadvantage. Our professional accountant will ask you in detail about your situation to get maximum benefit of tax saving.

3.Do we need to provide you all supporting documents?

– If you are new client to us and dealing with us for the first time, we do ask you about your identity document so as to secure your   identity and to give us opportunity about knowing more about our client. However apart from identity documents, our professional   accountant may ask you to provide few other documents to understand and make you understand about tax position.

4.Do i need to sign documents? If so, how i am going to get the copy of the same?

– Yes, you can give your consent to lodge tax return over e-mail. However we prefer to get a signed copies either through Fax or if you arrange to get us scan copy of your signed copies help us for certain compliances.

5.How many days it will take to get the refund?

– Generally it takes only 10 working days to get your refund processed, however ATO starts processing tax refunds only from 10th of July each year. Further there are circumstances which are beyond our control may delay your refund. You should also note that while you opt to pay fee for our services out of refund, it may take couple of day more than the minimum processing days. But any delay beyond 30 days post lodgment, ATO generally add an interest if you are eligible to get refund.

6.How do i know that my tax return is lodged?

– Once you give your confirmation through e-mail or sometime to save time when you give in principle consent to lodge tax return, we generally do it immediately so that ATO starts processing your tax return and you can get your refund earliest possible. We generally don’t give confirmation separately in each of the cases. However if there are any issues, we may contact you for clarifications.

7.Will i get the same refund as per your working?

– Generally speaking yes. We are estimating your refund based on the information you provided to us. However if there is some vital information is not passed to us, our estimate may variate for incomplete information.

8.How do i rectify mistake i made on online form?

– We always contacting you whether you used a detail form or telephonic form. And while you speak to one of our professional accountant, you may point out mistakes you did while using online forms. Or you can send us an e-mail or use the contact us form to rectify the mistake.

9.How do i do my tax return without basic documents i.e. Group Certificate?

– Yes, we will try to help you even if you don’t have or if you have lost your Group Certificate. You are requested to contact our office after registration on our website.

10.When should i lodge my tax return?

– Individual tax returns can be lodged between 1st of July to 31st of Oct after close of the relevant financial year on 30th Jun. We may take extension to file tax return if required. In case you are leaving country permanently, you can lodge your final tax return before close of the financial year.

11.How will i know that my tax return is processed by ATO?

– You will receive Notice of Assessment from ATO once your tax return is processed. However if you have opted to pay for our fees out of refund, such Notice of Assessment will come to us first and subsequently we will redirect it to your address registered with us.

12.If i get registered on your website, does it mean i will have to pay for your services?

– No, if you only register on our website does not make you liable for our fees. However if you proceed to get an estimate or submit form on our website, you may be liable to pay for time we spend on your details. We start acting immidiately once you submit the forms.

13.Can i ask you to lodge multiple years tax return?

– If you have missed to lodge tax return for previous year, we can help you out with lodgment of multiple years tax returns.

14.Can i do tax return on behalf of my spouse / relative?

– Yes, if you have valid written authority alongwith photo id of the person on whose behalf you filing tax return.

15.Do i need to provide you with my last year’s record?

– No, we don’t require your last year’s record. However if you got one handy, it is good to refer your previous record so as to not to skip any carry forward items.