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Use our expertise for your complex tax issue resolution:

Whether it is rental property claims, overseas income, capital gains or any other issues that you are not sure on, our complex area resolution team can help you bring lawful resolution and not only that help you understand Australian Taxation Office’s expectation about substantiating your claim.

We always prefer to bring you written advise and with if any relevant settled cases that brings you very confirmation of you stand on a complex tax issue. We do seek more details and look through your position to prove or substantiate your claim to make sure you don’t regret on your claim and spoil your history with ATO.

If your tax affairs are pretty simple, we are still here to bring you very simple fee structure that does not rip your pockets. Please refer our schedule of fees where our most basic tax return cost you just next to nothing. For a small basic fee, we do not compromise on our quality of services and we help you understand your potential claims for current and future tax scenario.

Consultation that matters most to small businesses:

We know your teething questions while you thinking to start your own. Feel free to come to us and discuss about your venture. We happy to help you through process of setting up your business. Our setup advise is always free while you decide to set up company with us.

We always have kept an environment, where you feel no barriers in between you and accountant. Get a personal touch and feel of a friend in need for all your tiny questions whether those are about accounting, BAS, GST, wages to yourself, superannuation obligations, payslip processing, buying assets or anything that your come across in your day to day business operations.

Our fix fee concept is designed to keep your compliance fee at known and reasonable level. It gives you peace of mind and plenty of 5-10 minutes consultations as and when needed. This is the beauty of our service. It is packed with so many things that leaves you dedicate yourself to your business.

Leave it to us all matters that help maximising your business tax position and help maintain your compliance always before the due dates. We are sure, you will do your business at its maximum potential.

Self-Managed Superfund – Use our bookkeeping and audit services:

Bookkeeping Services:

We offer early engagement for your self-managed superfund transactions to avoid any compliance issues later on. We understand for a small superfund it is hard to afford finance planner and you as a trustee of the fund mostly involved in to fund’s day to day transactions. Not having financial planner certainly have other impacts, however you certainly missing on tips and warnings for those transactions that you not permitted for under the SIS act.

Here we play an important role. We are not financial planner, however while you have decided to not to have one, we at least can help you understand importance of SIS act, trustee duties and contravention reportable provisions in a much better way through the year.

We insist you keep in touch with us for all those transactions where you are not certain about its compliance issues and we help you having hassle free experience of running your self-managed superfund.

We offer fix fee for bookkeeping services, giving you bit of certainly irrespective of few complex transactions you entered during the year. Please contact our accounting team for a quick quote.

Auditing Services:

We are approved SMSF Auditor and use technology based auditing workflow. Use of technology helping us bringing you quick turnaround time and achieving affordable fee for assurance services.

Our auditor has plenty of experience handling most complex superfunds. We can work with your accountant for any questions and queries arise during the process of performing independent audit function so as to bring you quick and easy audit finalization reports.

We make your borrowing experience richer :

While we have huge experience working with small businesses and helping them preparing their financials and business projections, we understand difficulty and state of uncertainly one go through just before a decision of buying a home or borrowing money.

We help you understand your borrowing capacity, a very first step whether building your first home, maximizing use of equity in your current property or your investment loan. We bring you experience of releasing your pressure, more clarity about your borrowing capacity, how to work on building your borrowing capacity and to understand maximum potential of your borrowing.

We know mortgage broker world is not so responsive. Sometimes reaching them is too hard and not getting response when you need most. We are more than just brokers. We are your companion in what you pursuing and helping you achieve your dream with an experience.

We bring you options to decide rather imposing decision on you. We make your decision powerful by bringing latest happening in the world of borrowing. Let us make this journey quick, easy and convenient!