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Are you on Student Visa or Work Visa?

      Are you leaving Australia permanently? Don’t miss to read on this.


Lodge your tax return:

a.       Get us your latest pay slip.

b.      That’s all we need and job is done.

c.       Get your money where ever you wish. i.e. in Australia or overseas.


Lodge your Superannuation withdrawal:

a.      If you are not permanent resident or citizen of Australia, you can draw your super while you are leaving Australia permanently.

b.   Drawing your super is a very lengthy process and involves three of the agencies, namely Superannuation Fund, Australian Taxation Office and Department of Immigration.

c.      We will guide you how to proceed.

d.      We know it will be very hard to make follow-up with these agencies while you are overseas.

e.      We will be a contact point for your super.

f.        It will be easy for you to contact us and keep updated about your super.

g.       We will help you make follow-up with these agencies.

h.      Satisfaction for our services is for sure.

i.         No need to call us, as we respond within one working day over e-mail.



Don’t let your super go away, it’s your hard earned money and it is your right to draw while you leaving Australia permanently.