Certified Practicing Accountant
Regi. Tax agent & Regi. ASIC Agent
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Tax Returns:

Our accountants are quick and smart to dig out details from you so as to maximize your refunds. We do follow check-lists, a year round research and trained accountants who follow logical steps while under a lange sohne replica watches interview with you, listen to you carefully and use every possible word of yours to bring the questions forward so that we don't miss any eligible claim on your tax return. They further will prepare a detail note on your tax return itself making it self-explanatory for any future references. This is the right way which makes us different than other Accounting & Tax practices


Tax Amendments & Objections:

We know sometime few of the mistakes need to be ratified on your tax return. We will always be there to help you to ratify mistake. We will co-ordinate with you and ATO to get every possible information to complete your amendments.


Give us an opportunity to object  unacceptable decision of ATO. This is a kind of legal procedure, but don't worry we are well experienced in this regards and this has never be tough job to us.  All the arguments and other supporting will be prepared by our accountant to support your decision in consultation with you.


Early Assessment & Departing Australia Super Withdrawal:

Are you leaving australia permanently before end of the financial year? Come to us with your last salary slip, we will prepare your early assessment and you can access your refund even before end of the financial year.


Legally you can draw your super. It's all hard earned money. Though it is bit lengthy process and need lots of co-ordination between you and three of the other organizations, our accountant will make you feel relax while you will be overseas. It is really hard and very difficult to access your super from overseas. We respond within 24 hours to any of your communications.


Investment Property:

Get right advise at right time. You need to know few important things before time. We observed that in most of the situation client visit accountant only after events. And you can't roll-back situation. When you do tax return with us, we offer you one free consultation during the year anytime while you really need it. This is because we care & know importance about timely informed decisions.