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Documents you required to do your tax return (2013-14).
Working as an Employee:
1.             PAYG payment summaries from each of the employer you worked or paid during 1-Jul-2013 to 30-Jun-2014
-      If you don’t have one, you need to contact your then employer to get you one. If you employer is not co-operating or for any other reason you not getting one, please arrange for your latest salary slip from that employer and a simple declaration will help us to lodge your tax return. Please don’t miss any of the PAYG payment summaries, as it may lead to wrong calculation of your tax and you may end up incurring debt with ATO and may be a bad history with Australian Taxation Office.
     Please note that your employer have to provide you with PAYG payment summary on or before 15th July 2014 for the financial year 2013-14. We also noticed that many a time you have changed the place of residence and your employer still sending document at your old address registered with them.
2.                     Do you have bank account and any time of the year, bank has paid interest to you?
-      We have noticed that most tax payers forget about income to be reported for interest earned during the year on their savings and deposit accounts. Many a time it happens that you close the account and missed on reporting interest income earned on those accounts. Please make sure you get the interest details you earned on those accounts. You might be holding account jointly and sharing income on that account. Most of the banks with the online banking facility, offers a summary of your interest earned and tax withhold if any. You can visit or call your banker to get these details quickly.
3.                    Any other source of income.
-      You may have other source of income like dividend on shares, foreign source income in the form of interest on overseas account, rental properties (here in Australia or overseas). Please take a little time of yours and get us complete details.
4.                    You may have incurred work expenses on your work helping you earn that income.
-     This may include your travel, work related education, uniform, conferences, seminar, tools, books, journals, work from home, work phone calls, internet for work etc. List is indicative and not exhaustive.
5.                     Donation
-       Have you made any donation to registered charitable organization? Please check your receipts.
6.                    Any other questions.
-     Please bring us any documents, where you not sure how to include that in your tax return for 2014. We will identify and bring you correct treatment on your tax return 2014.
Working as Self-Employed:
1.      Please arrange your bank statement if you have one separate for your business.
2.      If you don’t have one, please arrange your income and expense details in simple work sheet
3.      Are you registered for GST? If so, please let us know how you opted for BAS and your BAS working. If you did your BAS with us, we will tell you, if we are short of information.
4.      Please keep all the Tax Invoices and Invoices for your record.
5.    Have you spend on new or used car for business, please let us know as it has got a special treatment this particular financial year (2013-14)
6.    Have you spend on any business assets less than $6500 between 1-Jul-2013 and 31-Dec-2013, please let us know as it has also got a special treatment this particular financial year (2013-14)
7.      Do you have any carry back or carry forward of losses, please let us know to give a correct treatment on your tax return.

However if you have any confusion, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to address your questions.