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Is this your Question?


We know at least one of the queries pertains to you…

  1.  Do i need to file my tax return? How can i get rid of my tax obligations?
  2.  How can i maximize my tax refund?

  3.  Is there any relevance of my occupation to expenses i claimed on tax return?

  4.  I am not sure what i can claim and what i can't claim on my tax return. How do I know?

  5.  How my net income affects government payments? Can i plan my income? How can i maximize my Centerlink payments?

  6. I have investment property? What is beneficial – Negative Gearing or Positive Gearing?

  7. What kind of donations are deductible? Whether overseas donations are deductible?

  8. Why i am been worn by ATO? How do they know about my interest earned on accounts? What else they know about me?

  9. I am into business and not sure whether i should register for GST. Is the GST registration compulsory? What if i register for GST?

  10. I am trading in shares or CFD. Have i made a gain? Or is this my business profit/loss? Or just wind-fall gain/loss? Or is that personal transaction? What treatment i should give to these transactions?

  11. I have made a mistake and wanted to correct it on my tax return? What if i don't correct it? Can tax office chase me up? What are the chances?
  12. How can i claim Education Tax Refund? I don't have any other income. Do i need to file tax return?
  13. I am studying something or thinking to study something. How do i know what can i claim?

  14. Can I claim travel? Why can’t I claim my travel from home to work and back? Yes you can. Find out what will make you eligible to claim your travel, even home to work and back!!! Not kidding at all…

  15. I am working from home? What can i claim? Can i claim rent?

  16. I am on student/work/business visa. "Tax" - never comfortable. We know what you are thinking about tax. We can help you bring trouble free tax refunds. You need to understand Australian tax laws and Australian tax law administrators.

  17. How many years i do need to keep documents / Records?


Do you know if you doing tax at your own, you may miss few of the items? When taxation laws are always so complex all over world, what possibility of "Do-it-yourself" or "e-tax" is so simple? Answer to all of the above questions is Tax Code Accounting. Book your appointment today and your maximum tax refund is on your way…