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SMSF Independent Audit:


We are an approved auditor for SMSFs. What you can expect is an independent report and guidance about how to comply and how to avoid most common mistakes to address Financial Reporting and various sections and regulations of SIS act.


We know most of the time accountant is taking care of your SMSF audit as well. But there are lots of changes expected in maintaining independence of auditor. And it is already under consideration that an in-house auditor withing accountant's office cannot maintain independence. We are offering you an assurance services at a fix fee of $300 irrespective of number of transactions SMSF has made, irrespective of what kind of assets SMSF is having.


Why are we offering fix fee? Fix fee is to bring comfurt of billing process. We give you few check-list to review before we start audit and sometime even before you prepare your financials. This is helping you to know how to maintain SMSF transactions without any contraventions. And this help us issue unqualified reports.


Please contact us for any of your SMSF assurance requirements.


Please feel free to contact us on 02-86771587 / 0422 394 270


e-mail us: info@taxcodeaccounting.com.au